What is Mr Connoisseur?

Mr Connoisseur is a unique travel & lifestyle blog that focus on exclusive locations, unique hotels, amazing boutiques and premium products for the modern lady and gent.

Mr Connoisseur is the epitome of passion, which is reflected in our content. We love creating a strong emotional bond with the reader. All hotels and boutique that are featured has passed meticulously established criteria and exceed expectations in terms of quality, presentation, service and aesthetics. In other words — you can — and should keep your expectations high.

noun: connoisseur
an expert judge in matters of taste.
synonyms: expert judge (of), authority (on), specialist (in)

Behind Mr Connoisseur

Everything is handpicked by me, combining my love affair for luxury hotels and my passion for exclusive design, boutiques and gastronomic experiences. This place (which I like to call home) is solely authored, built and curated by moi; Christopher (Mr C). I am a thirty something, traveller, content creator and designer with over 20 years of travel experience and an eye for detail. A native Swede, now an expatriate living out of the mediterranean pearl that is Barcelona in Spain.