A day with Carlos Juliá

Director of Sales & Marketing at Almanac Hotel in Barcelona.

Carlos Juliá, Sales Manager at Almanac Barcelona — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

How does a normal day at Almanac Barcelona look for you?

Exciting. The team is really passionate and enthusiastic. We meet every morning to discuss the most relevant points of the day – the needs for special guests or events that we may be hosting, for example. In sales and marketing department, we are always showing the hotel to our future clients or agencies. We follow our strategies and action plans.

The hotel opened late 2017, what has been the biggest challenges so far?

We have lot of work in positioning the brand as a new luxury hotel in town. There are many great hotels in the city. We believe we offer a new concept of hospitality, innovating in all areas of service. Our biggest challenge is getting that message out to the locals, business clientele and an international audience of guests.

What’s the next big thing in hospitality according to you?

Technology is having a major impact on the way we live and will continue to be a part of the travel experience. It is being incorporated into hotels and it needs to be done in a meaningful way. It should encourage human interaction, not take away from it. No matter the direction of tech, a personal experience can’t be substituted, but should be enhanced. Almanac is developing some aspects that will be exciting announcements in the not too distant future.

What inspires you the most?

My inspiration is our guests. It’s important to listen to what they have to say, hear what they want. This gives me the opportunity to learn and be inspired to deliver an even better experience.

What is the biggest change you have seen in luxury hotels in the last decade?

Technology and how it is constantly and quickly changing. The biggest and most important change is the accessibility to “big data”, and having information about our guests. This is the key to being able to deliver a highly personalized service. I think that luxury hotels are constantly innovating not only through technology but also through employee service.

What advice would you give for young people who want to get into the hospitality industry?

You should have a passion for anything that you do. Hospitality is unique in that you get the opportunity to make people happy every day. Whether it is for a vacation or the business traveler, helping people enjoy their day is very satisfying.

We believe we offer a new concept of hospitality, innovating in all areas of serviceCarlos Julia

According to you, what makes Almanac the best luxury hotel in Barcelona?

Almanac Barcelona has all the facilities and services needed to be a luxury hotel; spacious rooms and suites, high-end materials, a perfect location, and amazing views, but, what makes us different hotel is our Almanac team and soul. We are a passionate and committed and team and it starts from that point

Finally, which is your favourite go-to place for tapas in Barcelona?

My favourite place is Bar Cañete. An incredible tapas restaurant.

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