A day with Miguel Ángel Gálvez

Front Desk Manager at SixtyTwo Hotel in Barcelona.

Miguel Ángel Gálvez in front of SixtyTwo — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

How does a normal day at the SixtyTwo Hotel look like for you?

Any day at SixtyTwo is quite interesting. I usually arrive at 10 o’clock and before I start focusing my time with our guests, I need to verify today’s schedule. So I usually start the day with our general manager Mireia Bessó in a short meeting to do a follow up on the previous day. We also meet up with our quality manager as well as the maintenance manager in order to see how and when can we improve our services and our rooms.

We then review the check-ins of the day and see if there is any special arrangement, birthday or anniversary and how can we surprise those guests. After that, I check all the e-mails and the night audit reports.

Once I finish with all the “back office” work I usually go to the front desk to talk with the team who will tell me if there is any problem or if something is not working properly and proceed to find a solution or to fix it.

After that I spend time with my favorite thing, helping and escorting all newly checked-in guests to their rooms, where I start with a tour through the hotel and explain why SixtyTwo is so special. I like to get to know the guests a bit and learn where they are from, how their trip is going and also suggesting some of my favorite places in Barcelona.

I love seeing our guests faces when they first see their room – and I know that we’re doing a really good job when they delight in a cheerful “wow” – which is very often!

Can you share a especially memorable experience?

I remember one guest who wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him during their trip to Barcelona. He asked us to pick up a special ring at Tiffany’s (which is located near the hotel) and leave it in their room, with an ice bucket, champagne and a flower bouquet. Everything was perfect at their arrival and of course she said “yes”. He came down to the front desk to thank us many many times – those are the moments that makes this job so special.

How do you feel that Sixtytwo makes up for not having any restaurant or bar on-site?

Our guests usually check reviews online before they book and most of them are super informed about where they spend their holidays. So they know that we do not have restaurant but because our location is right in the heart of Passeig de Gracia, this is never a problem. There are several high profile restaurants very close to us and if they want to venture further there is a metro station and taxi stand right in front of the building. We can also provide them them with insider tips of the best restaurants and bars in Barcelona.

I love seeing our guests faces when they first see their roomMiguel Angel Galvez

Which is your favorite hotel in the world and why?

Of course SixtyTwo! It’s charming, well located, stylish and has the most valuable thing of all; the SixtyTwo staff!

What’s the next big thing in hospitality according to you?

Technology applied directly in the rooms. In the near future you’ll be able to connect your smartphone wirelessly to the room and control the lights, share all your media to the flatscreen television and also have direct contact with the front desk to order room service or ask questions.

What is your favorite place to relax and breathe in Barcelona?

By far a hidden place right in the middle of the gothic quarter. Inside the court yard of the Frederic Marès museum there is a lovely terrace bar, very calm and cool.

Where will you be on your next day off?

I will be spending the day with my wife and my two daughters in Tiana, the place where we live – a small town very close to Barcelona.

Finally, which is your go to place for pintxos?

In my opinion the best Pintxos are served at Maitea, a restaurant located near Hospital Clinic. It looks just like a Basque tavern and they serve food all day long. It’s perfect for a late Saturday lunch!

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