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Written by Christopher A.6 years ago

When Soho House opened their second home, Babington House in 1998 – their ambition was not only to create the finest members club available – but also having the best spa, and with that comes the creation their own product line called Cowshed.

A cow shed might be an unlikely place to discover a range of award-winning bath, body and skincare products but that’s exactly where Soho House’s exclusive line of products was born. Having been a guest at Cowshed at Soho House in Barcelona and experiencing one of their signature facials, I have been keen to find out more about their products and what makes them special.

All of Cowshed’s products are based on moods, so you can choose the perfect one for however you are feeling at the moment (yes, there is even a ‘horny’ cow). The same products that are used in the spas and member houses are also available to purchase for home use.

So when I a few weeks ago received a goodie bag from Cowshed, I was eager to explore what was hiding inside.

Christmas Packaging — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur
Bath & Body Oil Trio — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

Cowshed Reviving Bath & Body Oil Trio

First up is this trio of bath and body oils. Having never in my life used any oil after stepping out of the shower I was a bit perplexed of their use, except hydrating the skin obviously.

The three included moods ‘grumpy’, ‘knackered’ and ‘wild’ are seemingly reference points of which one to pick. So if you are feeling burned out, or completely knackered after a long hard day at the office, ‘Grumpy Cow’ and ‘Knackered Cow’ has your back.

A more pleasant use might be to let your loved one use either as a massage oil on tired and sore muscles. I also love the smells of each of the moods, and that’s probably my favourite thing about Cowshed products, the scents are both uplifting and gender neutral.

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Pocket Cow Bullocks — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

Cowshed Pocket Cow Bullocks

When it comes to grooming I like the no fuss approach. The product should just work and I don’t want to give it any second thought when using it. The grooming kit from Cowshed’s ‘Bullocks’ line is a perfect no-frills introduction to become a Cowshed man.

The kit contains a Bracing Body Wash, Soothing Moisturiser, Smooth Shaving Cream and Refining Facial Scrub.

My favourite of the four is the moisturiser which is a lifesaver in winter if you’ve got mixed skin like I do. The kit is sadly not currently available but I have dug up links for each of the products included above.

Lazy Cow Diffuser — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

Cowshed Lazy Cow Diffuser

This is probably my favourite Cowshed product. The first thing I notice when walking into a boutique, restaurant or hotel is the smell. As it is very trendy to have a bespoke fragrance for your brand these days, many upscale establishments have caught on to this. Soho House is no exception and they use their range of room diffusers throughout the member houses.

Cowshed offers six room diffusers that are all made in England with natural ingredients. The use of pure essential oils make them last longer than cheaper alternatives, up to three months apparently which I do not doubt.

I picked their ‘Lazy Cow‘ diffuser which releases essential oils of sleep-inducing Chamomile, Jasmine to soothe and Sandalwood to clear the mind. I’m currently using it in my bedroom and I have to say I sleep like a baby with this thing in there. The scent gently spreads across the room, but not overpowering it. A definite purchase for any home if you ask me.

Mr Connoisseur was provided free samples of the products, all opinions expressed are the authors own.

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