Cahoots: Party Like It’s 1946

Written by Christopher A.8 years ago

If you feel nostalgic about the past and always wondered what it would be like to party in a underground tube station in postwar Britain, this is your lucky day. Lets venture over to London and enter the world of Cahoots, where it’s still 1946 – every day.

Cahoots is a thematic and immersive experience where you as a guest are transported back in time to post-war 1940s Britain. It is located in Soho – London’s premiere night life playground – and the entrance is behind a classical London tube station, complete with red tiles. Take the wooden escalator down (okay it’s a staircase made to look like a escalator) and enter the ticket hall where you are greeted by the station master.

Cahoots — Let's venture down the wooden escalator

Behind one of the anonymous looking wooden doors your adventure awaits, and as soon as we step in, we are transported to another world. A world full of mismatched vintage furniture, old suitcases, black market liquor, sand bags, wartime posters and a complete replica of vintage tube car. Cahoots doesn’t take any shortcuts and has painstakingly and lovingly recreated a disused London tube station turned into a air raid shelter for nocturnal hiding during the Blitz. Except at here, spirits are high and drinks never run dry.

Cahoots — Are we in a 1940s living room or a underground station?

As well as serving classic cocktails, black market liquor and post-war favorites are also available, in particular rum and gin based drinks are furtively knocked back from old mugs, hip flasks, vintage milk bottles and tins, finished with ingredients half-inched from nana’s pantry.

You could say that Cahoots is a exhibition of post-war resourcefulness. Everything from the old fashioned wooden escalator, to the dramatic, tiled, platform bar set alongside vintage train carriages. Live music is also a big part of the time travel immersion and the station is home to several talented acts (complete in vintage outfits), performing everything from swing and jazz to lindyhop. I highly suggest you dress up in your 1940s gear as well for the best experience.

Cahoots is open seven days a week and you will find them in Kingly Court underground station in Soho.

Cahoots — The level of detail is very impressive
Cahoots — All aboard!
Cahoots — Tables are made up of old suitcases and crates
Cahoots — The 'Tube' Car can seat up to 40 people
Cahoots — Walls are decorated with period posters and a old tube map to help the immersion
Cahoots — Old trunks, books and lamps creates the perfect vibe
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