If you fancy a weekend away filled with exclusive shopping, Catalan cuisine, personalized service and a taste of the rich heritage of Barcelona, look no further than SixtyTwo. Surrounded by the works of Gaudí, you feel a part of the city’s golden days.


SixtyTwo is located on the emblematic and grand Passeig de Gràcia – a wide avenue that cuts through the Eixample district and connects Barcelona’s Ciutat Vella with Gracía, which was its own village until becoming a district of Barcelona in the mid 1800s.

The hotel itself is located at (you guessed it) number 62, in a historic Modernista building that once housed an aristocratic Catalan family. Passeig de Grácia is well known, not only for its high street shopping, quaint boutiques and restaurants, but also for being the “crème de la crème” for majestic architectural buildings in Spain – many courtesy of Antoni Gaudí, whose work can be traced all over the city, including the lamp posts on the avenue.

The original facade and details of the 19th century building have been retained — Photos courtesy of Sixtytwo Hotel

Checking in

Located in the midst of the city, my arrival at the hotel is easy. And due to the convenience of a taxi stand and a main train station positioned directly outside the hotel entrance, you can’t miss it. As I open the massive stainless steel door, I enter into the lobby where I am greeted by the attentive staff and receive my keycard.

The original details of the modernista building are retained — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

While my eyes wander around the historic walls, ceiling and the grand staircase, I am met with a handshake by front desk manager Miguel Ángel Gálvez. Mr Gálvez guides me to the elevator for a quick a tour of the premises, explaining that the hotel is rather intimate, with only 45 rooms in total. First stop off the elevator is the lounge on level one. Mr Gálvez explains that this is the only public space in SixtyTwo (besides the lobby) and is where breakfast is served. Next stop is the fifth floor, which houses my accommodation for the duration of my stay.

The intimate lounge on the first floor — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

The room

I am spending the night in one of SixtyTwo’s suites, this particular one is the largest one of the hotel. The first thing that catches my eye are the panoramic windows that lead out to the private terrace, where Mr Gálvez takes me. Ascending a few steps reveals a birds-eye view of Passeig de Gràcia, with Tibidabo to our right and the Mediterranean to our left. The sun is shining and it’s a glorious day – I can easily see myself spending most of my stay right here on the terrace. I imagine I am not the first one who thought of that, as the suite offers free sunscreen.

No need to go to the beach when you have your own private terrace — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

The bed is huge (king size for you Americans) and extremely comfortable. I also enjoy control of all the lights from buttons next to the bed, saving me from the usual “light switch hunt” that has taunted me at so many other hotels. The suite is equipped with a Nespresso machine and capsules, as well as a mini-bar that holds a delightful selection of treats and beverages. If you are feeling peckish you can order up a variety of smaller dishes, samplers and drinks for in-room dining until 10 pm.

The bed and especially the pillows were extremely comfortable — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

The bathroom is positioned behind the bed, separated by two sliding doors. It is both spacious and stylish, although I imagine a bit too dark on those early mornings without natural sunlight to brighten it up. The centerpiece and main focal point is, of course, the jacuzzi – and being the person that I am – I had to try it out. I am quite sure you could fit two people in it, so for those romantic moments be sure to order up a bottle of Cava before you jump in. Unfortunately I was both sans company and bubbly, but who am I to complain.

Loving the jacuzzi, perfect way to start the day — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

Eating and drinking

As I mentioned earlier, there is no restaurant, bar or anything in-between at SixtyTwo. There is, however, an array of refreshing drinks available around the clock, and every guest is invited to a complimentary welcome drink every evening at 6 pm in the lounge.

I don’t remember the last time I stayed at a hotel without both restaurant and bar. Mind you, with the rather smallish size of the building there is hardly space left for much else. I imagine this isn’t a big deal to most guests as they are most likely found outside shopping or enjoying the cuisine at one of the many upscale restaurants and bistros nearby. One of my personal favorites El Nacional, which blends four restaurants and four bars under the same roof is only a few minutes walk away.

Breakfast is sourced from local products and everything made in-house — Photo by Christopher, Mr Connoisseur

The breakfast was really wholesome, offering a hand picked selection of bread, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, pastry, juice and coffee. I am told that everything is sourced locally and prepared at SixtyTwo – a rewarding detail that adds to the experience of staying at the hotel. You may also order from a choice of various omelettes at your whim, including the Spanish version (tortilla). Unfortunately I was too full to try one.


SixtyTwo appeals to both business and weekend getaways in Barcelona. The location is perfect, the historic building is brimming with character and the hotel staff are super friendly. As far as I can tell, there’s no concierge but the staff are more than glad to assist with recommendations to their favorite restaurants, ordering tickets to venues, and taking care of any arrangements to make your visit to Barcelona an unforgettable one.

If you prefer something bigger and want your own kitchen (or traveling with the in-laws), the SixtyTwo’s next door neighbor is ideal – a luxury apartment hotel aptly named SixtyFour. With the same personal service as its sister, and the most spacious apartment of 200m2 holding up to eight people, you will surely enjoy both privacy and comfort in this listed Art Nouveau building.

Delights & Plights

  • The location is in the middle of famed Passeig de Gracía and surrounded by high street boutiques and restaurants
  • The terrace is a bliss, especially on sunny mornings where you can enjoy your in-room breakfast whilst overlooking the modernista buildings
  • The historic building, built in 1897, once belonged to a wealthy family and is filled with delicate details

  • The lack of a restaurant, bar, and pool draws you out in search for other options, also resulting in a slight disconnection from the atmosphere of SixtyTwo

Date of stay: May, 2017.
Disclaimer: Mr Connoisseur was kindly invited by the Hotel to experience it for review purposes. All views and opinions expressed in this review are the author's own and has not been affected by the Hotel.

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