The Design Hotels Book: A Handpicked Selection of Amazing Hotels

Written by Christopher A.7 years ago

For any connoisseur of upscale and unique hotels, Design Hotels™ is the holy grail. Founded in 1993, it’s more than a collection of hotels. It’s about the people behind them and their stories.

People with a passion for genuine hospitality, cultural authenticity, though-provoking design and architecture. Since over a decade, Design Hotels™ has released a yearly curated selection of their Hotels and the people behind them.

The exclusive Design Hotels book weighs in at around 500 pages and features close to 300 hotels in 180 destinations. And if that wasn’t enough, it also mixes stories from a handful of trailblazing architects and designers, whose creative expression not only informs the way in which we travel, but also influences the work of creatives the world over.

The Design Hotels book closely ties in with the look and feel of their website and extends the virtual world into a beautiful, tangible one. Coming from a design background, I love the feel of the paper and the smell of the print. A habit of the trade, if nothing else I guess. To put it in layman’s terms; if the book was a location, it would be a sleek Swiss airport, with marble floors and oak paneling.

The latest incarnation will be released in March, 2017. Priced at €59.90 it is a steal. If you want something slightly bigger, it also comes in a tasty XXL-format.

Mr Connoisseur was provided a free review copy of the book, all opinions expressed are the authors own.

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